There are 6000 miles of Green Road in England and Wales. That’s three times as many miles as we have of motorways. The TRF exists to Conserve Green Roads in England and Wales. This is a multi-faceted approach and one that our 5,500 members are passionate about.

We believe that every single trail rider can play their part in this every time they are out on their bike. It stems from attitudes, behaviours and actions right through to repair work and partnerships with authorities.

We are looking forward to returning to the International Dirt Bike Show with free information and advice on how riders can access the Definitive Green Road map for motorcycle use.

We offer free motorcycle training to ride lawfully & responsibly whether on a 50c moped, a 250c trail bike or a 1200cc adventure bike. The TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) are proud to be working with South Yorkshire Police (SYP), who we believe are the largest dual-purpose motorcycle unit in the country and can answer any questions on how to keep yourself safe and out of trouble when you ride. The TRF promotes respectful and lawful trail riding on Green Roads across England and Wales. Our core mission of Green Road conservation includes working with authorities if instances of nuisance or illegal riding occur. The TRF’s work with police forces around the country encourages an approach that presents the TRF as a way of learning where you can and can’t ride and what behaviours are suitable on Green Roads.

Come and pick up your free voucher from the TRF stand. Contacts