Our popular four-day Dirt Bike Show in partnership with MOTUL is now less than a week away!

Thousands of riders and enthusiasts will pack into Warwickshire’s Stoneleigh Park from Thursday to Sunday, October 26-29, for what is Europe’s biggest indoor off-road event.

The show isn’t just for hard-core experienced off-roaders though and, for that matter, neither is riding the dirt at all. The beauty of the whole scene is that anyone can give it a go and easily get hooked. Whether you’ve never ridden before, or whether you’ve got a road licence but have never had a go on the rough stuff, here is our five-step guide to get into off-road and catch the motocross bug.


  1. Buy a motocross bike (even if it’s second-hand!)

Motocross bikes are an advanced piece of kit, and every year the major manufacturers such as Honda, Husqvarna, KTM and Yamaha all release the latest upgrades for their off-road machines. Thanks to the frequency of brands looking to advance their technology, there are plenty of second-hand motocross bikes on the market at cheaper prices. The Dirt Bike Show 2017 will have all the 2018 advances from the major manufacturers; however, there will also be second-hand bikes in the Motojumble, which would be perfect for the beginner trying to get into motocross.

  1. Go to a motocross riding school

Although it may seem like an expensive way to get into the sport, it has major advantages to attend a riding school. Most will have their own bikes, allowing you to try out different bikes that fit how you ride. The tracks will also be made for all abilities, meaning you can get comfortable on an off-road bike. As well as this, most have former professional motocross riders as instructors who will provide you with important information and top tips.

Some popular riding schools include: Dave Thorpe Honda Off-Road Centre, Ady Smith KTM Off-Road School and the Yamaha Off-Road Experience.

  1. Join a motocross governing body and find your nearest motocross track

There are multiple governing bodies in motocross and these will organise fixtures to a level that ensures a degree of safety and supervision. It is also the perfect opportunity to meet other people who are also into off-road motorcycling. The ACU, AMCA, BMSA, MCF and YMSA will all be at the Dirt Bike Show to offer advice to, and encourage, potential new members to join their association.

  1. Buy some decent motocross gear

Motocross gear will always be lower on the priority list than expenses such as the bike, but rider safety is an essential element as crashes are commonplace! You should always get gear that boasts resistant materials and sturdiness, whether that’s a helmet, gloves, boots, body protection or neck braces. This is where the Dirt Bike Show comes in… we have a staggering amount of traders offering the best quality gear and accessories at great prices!

  1. Practice!

The diversity of riding conditions means that practice and conditioning are crucial steps to improving as a rider. So just get out on the track, learn new skills, work on your weaknesses and most importantly, have fun!



Admission for Friday-Sunday is just £16 per adult per day and if you go on DISCOUNT THURSDAY it costs just £10! Tickets for students and over 60s cost just £10 and children aged 10 and under go FREE. There are also great savings to be had on family tickets! With so much going on at one venue for such a low price, it’s easy to see why this is a must-not-miss for thousands of dirt biking fans.

For more information please visit our website at www.dirtbikeshow.co.uk