IT’S nearly time for our International Dirt Bike Show in partnership with MOTUL – the popular four-day event is now just a few weeks away.

Thousands of riders and enthusiasts will pack in to Warwickshire’s Stoneleigh Park from Thursday to Sunday, October 27-30, for what is Europe’s biggest indoor off-road event.

The show isn’t just for hardcore experienced off-roaders though and, for that matter, neither is riding the dirt at all. The beauty of the whole scene is that anyone can give it a go and easily get hooked. Whether you’ve never ridden before, or whether you’ve got a road licence but have never had a go on the rough stuff, there are plenty of reasons to get involved. Here are what we think the are the FIVE best things about off-road motorcycling…

  1. It is a great way to get in to biking
    Okay, this may seem obvious, but getting on two wheels just isn’t as easy as it used to be… or should be. The high cost and complicated legislation can be obstacles, but off-road riding takes that out of the equation and introduces you to a whole new world. It allows you to get to grips with the machines and once you have you’ll realise that, even if there are a few challenges along the way, going for a full licence is more than worth it.
  2. It can improve the skills of licenced road users
    In 2014, MotoScotland (the UK’s largest off-road training school) was the first and only centre of its kind to be recognised by insurers as an advanced form of road-rider training. Fast-forward two years and the Government has now added new pages to relevant department websites which officially endorse the benefits off-road training can have for licenced road riders. Some of the skills it encourages are how to ride safely on slippery surfaces, how to safely brake in varying conditions and improved bike control, to name but a few. In short: professional off-road training CAN make you a better motorcyclist.
  1. Anyone can do it
    From complete beginners through to the most experienced riders, there are opportunities and training courses out there for everyone. And there are probably more off-road schools and centres than you think. Many of them provide the whole package, too, so you can still get involved even if you don’t have any of the gear or even your own bike. Plus, you can do it on a variety of trials bikes, mountain bikes and quads, it’s relatively cheap and if done properly and safely it can be a fun activity for kids as well.
  1. It promotes fitness and learning
    Off-road riding is a physically demanding activity which requires a level of fitness, which will improve the more you do it. It also encourages those involved to experience the great outdoors. For both kids and adults it can be a great learning experience, too. From coordination and confidence when handling a vehicle, through to developing mechanical and technical skills, there are a whole host of benefits.
    Undoubtedly the most important reason, but we can’t really say anymore because this is one you will have to go out there and find out about yourself. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

BUT… you don’t just have to take our word for it, you can visit the International Dirt Bike Show in partnership with MOTUL and discover the world of off-road for yourself. We’ve got a range of have-a-go activities so you get a taste of what it’s all about, including the chance to try out a mini-motocross track. From the major manufacturers to schools to governing bodies, the biggest names in the industry will be in attendance to talk you through how you go about getting involved in the scene, and there are two packed retail and trade halls just in case you are inspired to buy some of your own kit.

Plus you’ll also get to see and hear how the experts do it, with demonstrations from trials legend Dougie Lampkin and on-stage rider interviews hosted by Eurosport commentator Jack Burnicle among the raft of live action and entertainment.

There are real savings to be made by buying in advance! Admission for Friday-Sunday is just £13 per adult when bought before the advance ticket deadline 11.59pm on Monday, October 24. The same ticket for DISCOUNT THURSDAY costs just £8. With so much going on at one venue for such a low price, it’s easy to see why this is a must-not-miss for thousands of dirt biking fans.

                                                   DISCOUNT THURSDAY              FRIDAY-SUNDAY
Adult                                                      £8                                                            £13
Child (11-15)                                         £8                                                            £8
Senior                                                    £8                                                            £8
Family                                                   £24                                                          £30
(two adults/two children)

To buy tickets follow the links from TICKET PAGE or call the ticket hotline on 01507 529529